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Accredited ACT Instructor

Teaching Areas: Canberra and surrounds

Transmission: Automatic Hybrid

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Languages: English, Hindi, Urdu and Pashto


I became an instructor in order to share my knowledge of driving with other people. Driving has always been my skill set. Being an instructor for a number of my family members and friends, I found this very attractive to do it professionally. I am looking forward to get more people on board, training them to drive and to polish their driving skills. I have a very friendly and soft approach to my pupils.


Here is a card thank you card that Arif received from one of his students. 


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Accredited Driving Instructor - ACT, Licensed Driving Instructor - Keys2Drive Instructor, RYDA Presenter

Previous Vice President - Australian Drivers Trainers Association (ACT) Inc.

Experience: more than 20 years

Transmission: Automatic

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Toyota Corolla Hybrid Sport

Covid19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated


"After a career in sports coaching and motoring I became a driving instructor to make a difference to our future road users. I strive to ensure that our young drivers become life long safe drivers for their own safety and that of all other road users.”

Babar is passionate about driving and skiing, actually there is little he is not passionate about! And this passion is apparent when you take your driving lessons with Babar. Right from the start you will be amazed by his attention to detail and ability to communicate clearly and comprehensively every aspect of the vehicle and driving skills. Babar is one of the most popular driving instructors in Canberra, but don't believe us, ask around!

He is able to motivate the learner driver to become a safe driver for life not just to pass the log book or test! That's important as the highest fatality risk of all drivers are new P plate drivers. Babar's background as a elite sporting coach in Europe and Australia provide the basis for making a difference to young people in this most important skill development process.

Babar has been working within the motor industry  in the UK and Australia for many years and is a keen motoring enthusiast. He imparts knowledge about cars and motoring freely during driving lessons to make sure that the learner fully appreciates the vehicle, it's risks and capabilities.

Babar developed and presented the Advanced Low Risk Driving program which was well received by former students and the community.

Not only does he teach but assess other driving instructors to attain there Cert 4 Qualification, and being part of an RTO.

He is very active in the community and regularly presents to Colleges and Schools on road safety, driving skills and behavioural aspects of getting your P's. He was involved in the launch of the RYDA program in Canberra in 2011 and has presented at each event since.

Babar is the only Platinum level instructor with Keys2Drive in Canberra and  has been committed from the launch of the initiative believing that the program allows parents, learner and the instructor to collectively understand the journey, risks and challenges associated with obtaining a drivers licence.

Prior to starting National Driving Academy with some colleagues he was the Chief Instructor and General Manager of NRMA Safer Driving Schools in Canberra and Queanbeyan. He was responsible for recruitment, training and quality assurance.

Babar teaches learner drivers automatic transmission in a Toyota Corolla Hybrid Sport

Babar has previously been recognised for his outstanding service and performance against the high standards we set for our business, being selected as one of the weekly winner's of our Instructor of The Week Award.  


Babar is also 2017's first winner of the Instructor Outstanding Performance Award.



Accredited Driving Instructor - ACT

Teaching Areas: Canberra Civic Surroundings, Belconnen & South Canberra

Transmission: Automatic

Vehicle: Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Friendly, reliable & knowledgeable Instructor





Accredited Driving Instructor - ACT

Experience: more than 10 years

Transmission: Automatic

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Honda Jazz

“I like the challenge of inspiring young drivers to embrace safe driving behaviours and to take them away as a life long commitment.”

Joe is a former Marist student.

Joe has a marketing background and choose to pursue a career as a Driving Instructor in order to spend more time with his key interest, motoring. Joe is very keen on motor sports and cars generally.

Joe has a manner and communication style which has made him a popular driving instructor among learner drivers in South Canberra. He is well regarded and receives many personal referrals from past students and parents.

Joe is able to inspire young drivers to embrace safe driving behaviours. He is committed to safe driving, for life goal of National Driving Academy in which he is a co-founder.

Joe has previously been recognised for his outstanding service and performance against the high standards we set for our business, being selected as one of the weekly winner's of our Instructor of The Week Award.

Joe can also speak a little Slovenian/Croatian and a tiny amount of German.



Accredited Driving Instructor - ACT

Teaching Area: Central Canberra and surrounding suburbs

Transmission: Auto

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Hyundai i30 Sports


Steve has experience teaching a variety of people with an adaptive teaching style to meet the needs of young and mature drivers alike who seek to become safe and competent drivers to obtain their Licence, or those just looking to further develop on current driving skills and techniques.

Steve has been described by his previous students as a relaxed, friendly, patient, calm, and open driving driver instructor.

Steve’s teaching philosophy:
He believes that everyone has their own rate of progress when learning and that everyone should be taught with a style that suits the individual.

Steve’s driving philosophy:
He believes all drivers need to apply safe driving practices to minimize risks and avoid accidents on the road.
Also, he believes "All drivers need to be safe and competent road users. Because if an accident occurs due to a driver’s negligence or inexperience, it can be costly, life-changing, and unfair to others who are involved, so it is critical to being a safe and competent driver".

Steve’s teaching style is relaxed, but firm when necessary or when a situation calls for it. Steve is good with a variety of people, especially those who lack confidence or suffer from road anxiety.




Accredited Driving Instructor - ACT, Licenced Driving Instructor - NSW, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor

Experience: more than 10 years

Transmission: Automatic

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Honda Jazz

Languages:  I can teach in other (Indian) languages: HINDI, PUNJABI 


“The objective of the lessons is not only to get the learner drivers prepared for driving test but also to ensure they appreciate and apply safe and responsible driving practices.”

He is a instructor with plenty of patience and great experience in adult education. He has a very positive attitude in providing structured lessons to the students and enjoys a solid reputation with both the students and their parents. This respect is evident from the referrals from his past and present students. He is consciously involved in promoting good practices while driving so that learners can take that knowledge and apply for the rest of their lives on road.

The objective of the lessons with him is not only to get the learner drivers prepared for driving test but also to ensure they appreciate and apply safe and responsible driving practices consistently now and into the future.

Samson graduated and started his career as a hospitality consultant to five star Hotels.  When he migrated to Australia in 2006 he gained Australian qualifications to become a Trainer and Assessor in Hospitality Management and has subsequently been teaching Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management, Diploma in Business Management, and Diploma in Leadership and management, in Canberra.

Having a passion for driving, he decided to become self-employed and moved to the most interesting and fulfilling role of his career - driving instruction. He is a co-founder of National Driving Academy Pty Ltd.

Samson is married with two children, daughter who is a pharmacist in Canberra and Son pursuing IT qualification and he still enjoys a game of cricket. He relates well to young people.

As a parent, road safety is of paramount importance to him (several of his friends and relatives have been seriously hurt in road accidents) and he is now doing what he can to help drivers, young and old, to develop skills and behaviours to ensure that they are safe drivers, for life.  He is an accredited with Government funded program "Keys2drive"

Samson teaches driving cars with automatic transmission in Honda Jazz.

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