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Each learner driver is issued with a Log Book and a publication titled “Towards your P’s”. The Log Book covers 23 competencies and 2 reviews required to achieve the ACT Government Standard. These are the competencies that must be demonstrated under either the CBT & A scheme or the one-off test.

The Towards your P’s booklet is a tremendously useful publication for a learner as it sets our detailed notes of what is required for each competency. 

The Log Book Competencies are summarised below:

  • Task 1 Good understanding of the controls
  • Task 2 Cabin drill
  • Task 3 Starting up procedure
  • Task 4 Moving off procedure
  • Task 5 Correct and smooth operation of gears
  • Task 6 Steering control
  • Task 7 Turns, left and right
  • Task 8 Speed control
  • Task 9 Slowing procedures
  • Task 10 Stopping procedures
  • Task 11 Hill starts
  • Task 12 Give way rules
  • Task 13 Reversing
  • Task 14 Right angle parking
  • Task 15 Reverse parallel parking
  • Task 16 U-turns
  • Task 17 Turning around in the road (3-point turn)
  • Revision point one
  • Task 18 Lane changing, merging and entering freeways
  • Task 19 Overtaking
  • Task 20 Observation skills
  • Task 21 Compliance with the system of vehicle control
  • Task 22 Vulnerable Road Users
  • Revision point two
  • Task 23 Driving on busy and unfamiliar roads

How many driving lessons to complete the ACT Log Book?

The number of driving lessons required to complete the ACT Log Book depends entirely on the skills, capacity to learn practical methods and the quality of practice between driving lessons of the individual learner. 

It takes at least 7 lessons to complete the ACT log book, average is 10 to 15 lessons.

You can improve skills, and reduce the number of driving lessons required, through good quality, frequent and relevant driving practice, which will be influenced by your supervising driver.

Which system is better, ACT LOG BOOK OR TEST?

In our experience competency based training and assessment (CBT&A) is the best method to ensure a structured and progressive skills development. starting training as soon as practicable after getting your learner's licence ensures the best outcomes. 

Where a learner is confident, gets quality practice and direction, and seeks professional lessons when needed, the one off Government Test may be most suitable. For international licence holders the one off Government Test is usually the best option. And for mature learner drivers the CBT&A method is the best option. 

Regardless of which method you may wish to take, we do recommend our learners to bring their Official ACT Log Book to each driving lesson for completion. The Log Book may be completed even if a one off test attempt is unsuccessful.

We summarise the key points below:

  • We can deliver both the CBT&A (Log Book method) and training for the one off test.
  • The standard that is required is the same under both methods.
  • The methods are not mutually exclusive, which means that the log book approach can be done as well as attempting the one off test.
  • The log book method comprises 23 competencies and 2 reviews.
  • The ADI cannot assess and teach the same competency in a single lesson.
  • A review lesson cannot take place prior to 36 hours after completion of the final competency within that review.
  • The final drive cannot take place prior to 36 hours after completion of the Second Review.
  • A final drive is required to be notified to the regulator with 1 public service working days notice.
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