Instalment Plan

Instalment Plan Package - $30 per week for 10 hours of driving lessons!

Get the lessons you need within your weekly cash flow!

National Driving Academy is committed to ensuring that everyone can have access to high quality professional driving lessons at an affordable price and to meet your cash flow needs. Our $30 a week payment plan helps you meet the need for driving lessons and easier cash flow. It is designed for new learners so that driving lessons can be spread over a 6 to 12 month period to optimise the learning experience.

National Driving Academy offers learner drivers (and if you are under 18 years of age you will require an adult to enter the installment arrangement) an installment arrangement which is simply a weekly direct debit from your bank account or credit card of $30 for 28 weeks. You get the following lessons in the installment plan package:

  • 10 x 1 hour lessons 

If you need any further lessons you can purchase any of our discounted packages.

You now get 30 hours Logbook Credit using the 3 for 1 Log Book hours for driving lessons during the first 10 hours of professional driving lessons.

Our fully accredited Instructors will provide a structured training program which is customised to meet the unique needs and goals of each student. Lessons can be delivered at a time and place which suits you, subject to availability



How is the program structured?

Step 1

To get the ball rolling we will kick off with practical driving lessons that will help you to begin learning to drive safely. During these lessons we will introduce students to their professional driving trainer and outline the Log Book standard.

Step 2

Our fully accredited driving instructors will carefully monitor student progress and tailor each lesson depending on the individual students need. They will look to identify any bad habits which may be emerging whilst reinforcing up-to-date vehicle and road craft skills. Our trainers will also reinforce good driving habits, identify and cover our core safe driving tips and tricks.

Step 3

Our highly skilled instructors have an excellent first time pass rate and will be doing all they can to help you succeed!

Special Conditions

  • An upfront setup fee of $70.50 to cover the administrative costs for the package.
  • There are no additional fees unless you default on your payments or cancel the plan. It is an interest free plan and our best priced package.
  • Initial and Ongoing lessons must be taken within 12 months. The Lesson and Test service must be taken within 18 months.
  • Your first driving lesson cannot be for 7 days after completing the application form pending approval of your installment plan. You may only have 1 hour lesson each fortnight thereafter. If your installments are in arrears you will not be entitled to driving lessons until the installments are brought up to date.
  • Our normal cancellation and no show terms and conditions apply to driving lessons and other services booked using this package. Vouchers are non-transferable or refundable other than as set out below.
  • If you wish to cancel the instalment plan you may do so. The amount to be refunded will be calculated as:
    • Your set up fee is not refundable
    • You will be refunded the difference between your total repayment (excluding set up fee) less any lesson charges (calculated at $85 per hour)
  • Overdue instalments will be charged an account keeping fee of $14.95 each month (or part thereof) while such amounts remain outstanding.
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