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Full Logbook Hours


Our Total Log Book Hours Solution for students who don't have the local support to get your supervised driving hours.

Our customers who choose this package include:

  • Self employed and professional people who would prefer to be supervising their learner but just can't get the time in their hectic schedule.
  • Students who are living away from home (university, work etc) without access to a car or a supervising driver.
  • International students wanting to obtain their Australian Licence to ensure mobility within Australia during their stay.
  • Students with significant anxiety or other medical conditions.

Saving over $600 from individual lesson pricing, this package represents our absolute best value package.  

What do you get?

This is the path to your driving licence fully entrusted into our hands... designed to make the process fun, safe and easy (as it should be!). Get 100% of log book hours and your Competency Assessments completed. 

The package includes:

  • 70 hours of professional driving lessons with a friendly instructor in your area 
  • 3 to 1 Logbook credit for 10 hours of Instructor training
  • 10 hours of Night driving 
  • Competency Assessment

Our best value package - Why wait? Book Today and get your licence!

*(ACT testing fees not included for Government Test).

Key Terms and Conditions: Full terms found here.

  1. The Package is non refundable
  2. The driving lesson vouchers are valid for 12 months.
  3. Our full terms and conditions apply 
  4. Minimum notification periods apply to all cancellations.

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