Accredited Driving Instructor - ACT

Teaching Areas: Canberra Civic Surroundings, Belconnen & South Canberra

Transmission: Automatic

Vehicle: Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated


Friendly, reliable & knowledgeable Instructor



5 Star Rating


I enjoyed my lessons with Saif. He imparted his knowledge from competency 1 to competency 23. I found that learning with him to be very easy and helpful. If for instance I am not able to perform the competency well in one of the practices, he would get me to repeat the procedure till it is ingrained in my memory. He also ensured that I was calm during the reviews. I used to drive extensively in overseas for more than 10 years. Despite having a vast experience, my driving skills went to a different level of excellence after being coached by Saif. There were things that I was not aware of and he kindly reminded me. Lessons are never boring with him as we talk about various road rules and competency requirements. I recommend him to prospective students. He has my thanks as he made me aware of Australian driving rules. Overall, I took 14 lessons with him (including the reviews).


Jaya Senan L G

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