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By Ben


Living the dream.

When you have a Learner Permit, you general spend at least 12 months and 100 hours completing supervised driving. This builds your skills and experience so that you can be a safe driver when you finally get your P's.

Unfortunately, some of that training can be over ridden by the excitement of having your licence and risky behaviour can creep in. As a driver you have a significant responsibility to ensure the safety of yourself, your passengers and other road users. Remember that getting that P plate means that you are at the start of your individual driving journey and you will continue to learn every time you drive as you build your experience in different circumstances and traffic conditions. 

We understand the dream and excitement of getting your licence! We love being part of such a special moment in your life and helping you on your way through the process. Our aim is to help you LIVE the dream.  


Did you know:

- Each year over 40,000 road users are injured in accidents and

- Sadly, more than 1,200 people lose their life in car accidents.


Remember the basics

Every time you drive, you take responsibility for your actions and the impact of those actions can be life changing. Remember the defensive driving techniques taught during your lessons and ensure you keep these critical behaviours in control.

1/ Never use your mobile phone while driving

2/ Never speed

3/ Never drive while impacted by alcohol

4/ Never drive while impacted by drugs


Sign the pledge.

This year, Road Safety Week has theme of "driving like your loved ones are on the road ahead". You can SIGN THE PLEDGE here to join 1000's of others who are trying to make our roads safer. 


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