Fatality Free Friday - Pedestrian Safety

By Ben

What is Fatality Free Friday

This year, Fatality Free Friday is being held on Friday 27th May, 2022. Each year the Australian Road Safety Foundation (See here) aims to raise awareness around the significant road trauma and large number of fatalities caused by road accidents. Each year the foundation aims to achieve  "Fatality Free Friday" where no lives are lost.

If you would like more information the foundation can be reached via the above link. 

Pedestrian Safety 

Did you know?

Without any vehicle or protective gear such as a helmet - pedestrians who are involved in a road crash are at high risk of serious injury, or death. All road users - even pedestrians - have a responsibility to prevent road trauma:  

Avoid distractions 
Look and listen before crossing a road  
Don’t risk a red light  
Cross where it’s safe

It sounds simple, but it could just help you avoid a significant incident.

2021 Fatality Statistics

In 2022 there were 1,127 lives lost on Australian Roads. This included 134 pedestrians and 227 motorcyclists.

If you want the full information on this please check out the ARSF  link here.

Take control. Take the pledge.

How you decide to behave on the roads is YOUR choice. The decisions you make will greatly influence the outcomes of your driving. The ARSF runs an annual "Take the pledge" program. 
- Always be fit to drive
- Stay focused on the road
- Scan the road ahead
- Keep a safe distance
- Drive to suit the conditions

Click here to SIGN the pledge and more importantly - take on  board those behaviours in your driving.


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