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By Ben

Booking a lesson has become a whole lot easier with National Driving Academy.

Our new vouchers can be used for any instructor and either Auto or Manual transmissions.

You can book a driving lesson online, anytime. If you have vouchers purchased before our recent break, they will show in your account with the word Auto or Manual in the description.

Vouchers purchased recently will have Driving Lesson in the description.

Here is a quick demonstration on how to use your vouchers. Once you go through, enter your area, select a driving instructor and then pick a time for your lesson you will be presented with a payment screen.

If you have older vouchers (Auto or Manual) they will show underneath the driving lesson line - look for the word VOUCHER  -  just select that service and you are booked in!

New vouchers will only show the driving lesson option - so that is even easier!

If you are seeing a price in $ for the service this means that you don't have the correct voucher on your account.


As always, just email the office on and we help you book.




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