ACT Hazard Perception Test

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Getting your provisional licence in the ACT? You may be required to pass an online Hazard Perception test. Here is an example of a video used in the simulation.


What is the Hazard Perception Test?

Access Canberra says that the Hazard Perception Test (HPT) is an online computerised test that measures a person's ability to detect and respond to potentially dangerous situations on the road. Research shows the value of HPT in predicting subsequent crash risk, including some evidence that found those drivers who failed HPT at least twice were more likely to be involved in a crash compared to those who passed on their first attempt.

Who has to complete the Hazard Perception Test?

Currently Access Canberra requires that the Hazard Perception Test must be successfully completed by all learner licence holders who were issued with or renewed their learner licence since 1 January 2020 before they can upgrade to a provisional licence. The actual test can be completed online at 1any time after you have held your learner licence for 3 months.

When can I do the ACT Hazard Perception Test?

You are required to have held your ACT Learner Licence for at least 3 months before attempting the HPT. The first attempt of the test will be free, but all further attempts will have a $25 fee that needs to be paid before the test. 

Where can I complete the ACT Hazard Perception Test

Here is a link that will take you to the ACT Hazard Perception Test.

If you would like to do a practice HPT first then try this link first.


If you require any further information you can try here.



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