lesson types

Lesson types and duration

Every new customer starts their journey with our Initial Lesson. Our subsequent lessons are called ongoing lessons.

We also offer evening driving options.

When  you are ready for a mock test take our trial test lesson and see your preparedness for the actual driving test.

Finally, we provide our two hour Test Day Package so that you may get your P's using our car.

We describe the nature of each lesson type in the following table.

Lesson Type Description^
Initial Lesson The purpose of the initial lesson is for your driving instructor to gain insight into your current driving skills, your goals and to develop a preliminary training plan with you. This lesson is for 1 hour.
Ongoing Lessons The purpose of ongoing lessons is to continue both instructing and assessing competencies in a structured manner based on your capabilities and progress. There is no limit to how many competencies may be demonstrated within a single driving lesson. The key factor will be your ability to demonstrate the skills being unaided by your instructor.  This lesson is available for 1 to 3 hours.
Trial Test The trial test is an opportunity to be assessed against the test ready standard. This lesson is for 1 hour.
Test Day Package If you have completed an Initial Lesson and wish to attempt the Government Driving Licence Test you should book the Test package which includes approximately 50 minute driving time prior to the test time, the use of our car for the test and debriefing and return home at the end of the test. The price of the lesson does not include fees payable to the TMR for the test. You are required to book the driving test with the TMR prior to booking the Test lesson with us. This lesson is for 2 hours.
 Keys2Drive Federal Government Funded driving lesson available to qualifying learner drivers. The lesson requires a supervising driver to be present for the lesson. Keys2drive is a program that helps new drivers prepare for the realities of P-Plate driving. This lesson is for 1 hour.

^ The duration of Lesson (including both on-road and off-road time) includes briefing and de-briefing time. Lessons commence at a pick-up point determined at the time of booking unless otherwise agreed with the Instructor.

Call us on 1300 657 040 to schedule a driving lesson.  
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