Testimonials - Samson Massey

5 Stars


I have recently been learning through your school with Samson as my instructor. I just wanted to leave some feedback. He was awesome to learn with, very patient and always explained mistakes logically and offers great techniques for difficult manoeuvres. I just passed the final assessment of the log book today and I can't wait to get out on the road. He was a great instructor and a credit to your company and I highly recommend him. I feel really confident on the road and appreciate all of his help.

5 Stars


Samson was kind and professional. He explained things clearly and concisely and could offer both positive and negative feedback as appropriate.

5 Stars


I received my P’s after completing multiple lessons with two different instructors at national driving academy and learning with Samson was by far my best experience driving! I learned so much and am grateful to have had such an amazing time whilst getting my licence. I would highly recommend driving with the national driving academy, Especially with Samson if you get the chance !

Bella :)

5 Stars


Samson was very thorough in going through all the competencies plus their requirements at the start of the lesson and throughout, he was very calm and encouraging which really helped me drive to the best of my ability (I have anxiety and have found other driving school instructors to stress me out, which negatively impacted my driving skills).
I felt very safe with Samson's guidance and happy to see he wanted me to not only achieve my P's but most importantly to be an all-round safe driver.
5/5 Recommend the National Driving Academy

5 Stars


Thank you very much Samson for all the hardwork that you have put into my driving. It took me five years with three other driving instructors to finally get my license. Samson is the only driving instructor that made me feel confident despite my doubts.He provided me with contructive critism and made me feel at ease throughout my driving. His car was just right for a learner like me. I recommend him for future drivers!

5 Stars


Very easy to use online booking system and my instructor Samson was very kind and considerate. He always made sure I had lessons at a time that was convenient for me and was very good at explaining how I could improve my technical skills. I feel much more prepared to be a driver than if I had simply taken the test.

5 Stars


Excellent guidance...

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