Now I have my L's, what happens now?

After completing the ACT Government Road Ready program and visiting Canberra Connect to obtain your Learner Drivers licence you are ready to commence your learning journey of hands on driving under supervision.

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You can learn to drive with an accredited driving instructor, parents, relations or friends provided that the licensed driver is the holder of a full driver licence, which is appropriate to the vehicle the learner driver is driving.

There is so much more to learning to drive, and often your parents, relations or friends may not be the best people to get the foundations right! A professional canberra driving instructor from National Driving Academy will provide a strong foundation for quality practice with parents, relations or friends. This especially true if you wish to obtain your driving licence in the ACT using the ACT Log Book system.

The key to safe driving, for life, is to ensure that the driving experience is wide, deep and longer. The keys2drive.com.au website summarises this approach as follows:

  • Longer - providing more hours behind the wheel
  • Wider - experiencing a greater variety of driving challenges, in all conditions
  • Deeper - gaining a greater understanding of the psychological, emotional and mental challenges involved, and the true responsibility that each driver holds

Being more effective as a supervising driver, and avoiding the relationship strain that may arise from the experience, is greatly assisted with the learner taking 2 to 5 driving lessons soon after getting his/her ACT learner licence. This will ensure that strong foundations with basic skills which will enable stress free quality practice with a supervising driver. We also recommend including the free driving lesson available through us, keys2drive, in this initial period which will provide a facilitated environment to establish goals and clarify/skill the role of the supervising driver. 

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