Fatality Free Friday - Pedestrian Safety

Written by Ben Ward

What is Fatality Free Friday

This year, Fatality Free Friday is being held on Friday 27th May, 2022. Each year the Australian Road Safety Foundation (See here) aims to raise awareness around the significant road trauma and large number of fatalities caused by road accidents. Each year the foundation aims to achieve  "Fatality Free Friday" where no lives are lost.

If you would like more information the foundation can be reached via the above link. 

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Don't #UCK with a TRUCK!

Written by Ben Ward


National Heavy Vehicle Regulator


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ACT Hazard Perception Test

Written by Ben Ward

Getting your provisional licence in the ACT? You may be required to pass an online Hazard Perception test. Here is an example of a video used in the simulation.


What is the Hazard Perception Test?

Access Canberra says that the Hazard Perception Test (HPT) is an online computerised test that measures a person's ability to detect and respond to potentially dangerous situations on the road. Research shows the value of HPT in predicting subsequent crash risk, including some evidence that found those drivers who failed HPT at least twice were more likely to be involved in a crash compared to those who passed on their first attempt.

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Book your driving lessons on line today!

Written by Ben Ward

Looking for a simple to use, online booking system?

At National Driving Academy we can support your driver training with a streamlined online booking process. Check out the simple to use process  to get started. Book a driving lesson online 24hrs per day, 7 days per week. If you prefer the personal approach, our dedicated customer service team is always there to support you through the process.


Get started today!


Put yourself in the driver seat today !   

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Stopping distance

Written by Ben Ward

What factors impact your stopping distance?

(A)  Your driving behaviour - Attention, Fatigue, Impairment (alcohol or drugs), Driver age and experience, Hazard perception ability

(B)  Your vehicle - Vehicle age, type and condition of brakes, tyres, tyre pressure, safety features (ABS,ESC, etc), vehicle weight, towing

(C) The environment - Road surface, road gradient, road alignment, weather conditions


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Book a driving lesson online

Written by Ben Ward

Booking a lesson has become a whole lot easier with National Driving Academy.

Our new vouchers can be used for any instructor and either Auto or Manual transmissions.

You can book a driving lesson online, anytime. If you have vouchers purchased before our recent break, they will show in your account with the word Auto or Manual in the description.

Vouchers purchased recently will have Driving Lesson in the description.

Here is a quick demonstration on how to use your vouchers. Once you go through, enter your area, select a driving instructor and then pick a time for your lesson you will be presented with a payment screen.

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Driving Lesson Online Bookings

Written by Ben Ward

We are happy to be back online from 21st April.

As you are aware, at the end of March we took a safety first approach to the Covid-19 situation and suspended operations in all of our driving schools, including National Driving Academy in the ACT.

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ACT New Provisional Licence System

Written by Ben Ward

As you may be aware the ACT Licence System is changing on Jan 1, 2020.

We have taken this information from the Justice department web page to help with those frequently asked questions.


If you have a Learner Permit issued before Jan 1, 2020 there are no changes.

For new Learner Permit holders you will need to complete the required logbook hours.

10 hours with our accredited trainers will count for up to 30 hours of your logbook.


These packages can give you up to 30 hours of logbook credit

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Learner Drivers To Invited Book Your Free Keys2Drive Lesson Now

Written by Ben Ward

ACT and NSW learner drivers are invited to take advantage of the new keys2drive national learner driver safety program and receive a free lesson with a keys2drive accredited driving instructor.

Over the next 12 – 18 months, across Australia, keys2drive will deliver 200,000 free lessons funded by the Federal Government

The free lesson uses a ‘train the trainer’ model with the accredited driving instructor assisting the supervisor/parent to guide the learner driver to adopt safe driving practices. It does this through face to face practical information and instruction on how they can most effectively assist in the training of their learner drivers.

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Little known road rules...you'll be surprised!

Written by Ben Ward

Surprise! Bet you didn’t know these road rules…

Once we get our driver’s licence, most of us are never tested on the road rules for the rest of our lives.

Not until we reach the tender age of 85 (in NSW) are we required to undertake a practical driving test – but even then we aren’t submitted to a rigorous assessment of the road rules. In the ACT, there isn’t even compulsory retesting of older drivers, let alone a knowledge test!

But back to the topic…little known road rules.

The dubious honour of the weirdest road rule belongs to NSW. Apparently splashing a bus passenger with mud after driving through a puddle can cost you $165. Oddly enough, splashing a pedestrian with water is OK. It’s the bus and the mud that seem to be most offensive in the eyes of NSW law.

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