Samson Massey - Southside, Central & Queanbeyan

 Accredited Driving Instructor - ACT,Licenced Driving Instructor - NSW,Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor
Teaching: Southside,Central,Queanbeyan
Experience: more than 5 years
Transmissions: Automatic


“The objective of the lessons is not only to get the learner drivers prepared for driving test but also to ensure they appreciate and apply safe and responsible driving practices.”


He is a instructor with plenty of patience and great experience in adult education. He has a very positive attitude in providing structured lessons to the students and enjoys a solid reputation with both the students and their parents. This respect is evident from the referrals from his past and present students. He is consciously involved in promoting good practices while driving so that learners can take that knowledge and apply for the rest of their lives on road.

The objective of the lessons with him is not only to get the learner drivers prepared for driving test but also to ensure they appreciate and apply safe and responsible driving practices consistently now and into the future.

Samson graduated and started his career as a hospitality consultant to five star Hotels.  When he migrated to Australia in 2006 he gained Australian qualifications to become a Trainer and Assessor in Hospitality Management and has subsequently been teaching a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management in Canberra.

Having a passion for driving, he decided to become self-employed and moved to the most interesting and fulfilling role of his career - driving instruction. He is a co-founder of National Driving Academy Pty Ltd.

Samson is married with two children, and still enjoys a game of cricket. He relates well to young people.

As a parent, road safety is of paramount importance to him (several of his friends and relatives have been seriously hurt in road accidents) and he is now doing what he can to help drivers, young and old, to develop skills and behaviours to ensure that they are safe drivers, for life.

Samson teaches driving cars with automatic transmission in an Hyundai i30.

Feedback from Customers:

"Samson was a fantastic instructor. He easily identified my driving mistakes and was able to teach me to correct them quickly. He had a friendly disposition and his calm manner allowed me to learn in a stress free manner. I would highly recommend Samson to other learners.


"Really happy with my instructor (Samson). He gives clear instructions and helpful advice of how to improve and be a safer driver. He clearly has a lot of knowledge about safety on the road and makes me feel comfortable driving with him. 


"My instructor, Samson Massey, was very thorough during lessons and assessments. He made sure that I did everything in exactly the right way which helped me learn the correct techniques every time. 



 Hyundai i30

Hyundai i30

2.0 l

Automatic Transmission  

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