07-Mar-2015 With the warm weather upon us, the ACT Government has today reminded motorists not to drop cigarette butts out the window of their vehicle. In the ACT this year there has been at least 12 fires that have started due to cigarette butts being carelessly discarded.

“Staff are on patrol across the ACT’s main arterial roads and highways and will be on the lookout for people tossing cigarette butts out the window of their vehicle,” Senior Ranger, City Rangers, Glenn Tomlinson, said.

“This is an incredibly thoughtless and irresponsible act. Not only does it reduce our city’s amenity and have environmental impacts on waterways, habitats and soils, it also has the potential to cause bushfires which can threaten life and property.

“Anyone caught incorrectly disposing of cigarette butts will be issued with an on-the-spot fine of $200 for people who drop lit butts, or $60 for people who drop unlit or extinguished butts.

“So please don’t be a tosser and appropriately dispose of your cigarette butts.”

Tony Commisso of National Driving Academy said that "our training curriculum emphasises safe driving and our students are encouraged to display safe behaviours on the road at all times. We encourage parents to set a good example for learner drivers and this includes disposal of cigarette butts and the risk it imposes on the community."

Mr Tomlinson also encouraged members of the community who witness other drivers throwing cigarette butts out the window of their vehicle to call Canberra Connect on 13 22 81 and report the time of the offence and the vehicle’s registration number. An online form can also be filled out at


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